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Scenarios on looking for Maids


Which of these Scenarios do you Belong in Looking for a MAID?
Are you tired in looking for the RIGHT MAID or YAYA for you? 

Spending time travelling Metro Manila or provinces all over Philippines - Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao just to get maid?

 Or calling all your friends one by one on your contact list & giving them a highly critical sophisticated task & job - 

-to look & recommend a maid for you. And ending up an argument or worst, broken friendship just because the maid - yaya he/she provided or recommended to you didn't perform well?

Or perhaps posting on you facebook wall -

"My life is a mess!"
"Can you give me a break!"
"When can I stop doing household chores!?"
"Can somebody give me a Maid!"
And of course the usual Filipino habit - Hire a Maid who is your relative or "kamag-anak" 
-especially in the provinces. Calling your tita or tito, manang or manong and asking them if neneng (their daughter) is ready or old enough to stay in your house and promising them that you will take care of neneng and send her to school. Then one day as you go to your office, you realized your favorite white polo becomes violet, you feel you're wearing low waist because of bacon underwear, your favorite sinigang becomes nilaga, you thought your dinner is mechado but actually it's pochero, or even rushing yourself to get at the top floor of a mall because neneng removed her sandals when you entered the mall elevator and there goes neneng running with you with her barefoot. Then the next thing you will do is to confront neneng and instruct her the proper way to do things. But neneng called up manang & manong and they misinterpreted what neneng said to them and all of a sudden you are the bad guy of your entire clan because they think you're so harsh and mean to neneng who is your own relative.
Maybe you're one of these many scenarios in looking the RIGHT MAID - YAYA for you. 
Well your problem will end Now! We are here to handle that problem for you so you could focus mainly on your priorities and leave that maid - yaya household works to us!
And you will be amazed and perhaps thankful realizing that "Why am I spending my precious time troubling at these heart-aching, painstaking and yet simple maid - yaya household problems where there are people  who are dedicated & qualified on handling these job well?" Yes sir/mam you are correct! That's why we are here! We are your maid - yaya - household problem solver!

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