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"We don't accept, deploy or supply our Maids without passing our Agency's High Standard Requirements and Comprehensive Training."


Our first step on Hiring Maids is to require them for their Valid Government Identification (ID). These are Birth Certificates (NSO), Voter's Identification Card, Passport (if have), Barangay or Police Clearance, and any other Valid IDs. Then we will verify and check first their IDs authenticity. If ever we find fake documents, we will reject immediately the Maid and if possible we will report also to authorities to eliminate these illegal doings. We are true to our work so we make sure that our Maids do the same.


We don't just interview the Maids in a normal interview procedure way, we actually chat with them just like having a talk or chat in a Starbucks. In this way, we will know them better and we can examine the way they talk and dig some more information with them not only on their work but also on personal life. Sometimes they are able to share their personal problems and we do counseling and advices to them. In this manner we can have a better sight on how to match the Maids with our clients. We match our Maids & Clients with their common interests. Compatibility of the Maids and Clients is an important trait to have a harmonious relationship & efficient work productivity at Home.


This is an important process on our Hiring procedure as it validates all the answers of the Maids on our initial interview. We check their Manila Address & their Provincial Address. We also validate it through Online Mapping & GPS showing the exact roof of their house. There are times we visit their house and do a checking & investigation. Soon we will change our agency to CSI agency :). We also call their immediate family, their references & past employers to ask queries about the Maid applicants. We do have other investigative means and databases to make sure our Maids are truly & competent enough to supply to our Clients.


All Maids who pass our initial interview & background checking will undergo medical examination with our affiliated medical testing center. All expenses are paid by our Agency. The Maids who will fail the medical examination or Maids that have diseases are automatically rejected by our Agency. We advice them to take a rest and do see a doctor for medications to cure their illnesses. We make sure that our Maids are free form illnesses and diseases before we supply them to our clients. Remember that we live with our Maids (Applicants) under the same roof. So you can just imagine how strictly we are with regards with their Health. 


Of course Safety is one of the most significant factors that our Maid Agency can offer to our clients. We require our Maids to get  a new NBI Clearance (National Bureau of Investigation) at our Agency expense, even though they have already an existing one. We have people escorted them to get a new NBI clearances. With this NBI clearances along with our sophisticated background checking, we can be sure that we supply our clients with safe & trustworthy Maids.  


After the Maids passed all our requirements, they will undergo our mandatory training even if they are experienced maid already. We are updating our training procedures time to time so it would be necessary for all Maids to undergo mandatory training by our agency. We capture all aspects on our training from personal hygiene, personal development, behavior & attitudes towards employers, quality of work, know-how on high-tech appliances, cleaning methods, and many other training procedures. After the lecture then we apply it on actual or hands-on activities. We monitor them closely towards their work performance to check if they absorb everything we taught them. If our assessment with the maid is poor performance then she will stay an additional time with us to repeat our training process until she learn or pass the training. All maids who will pass our training will be lined-up for deployment. With our Maid training process, we can be sure that the Maids we supply to our clients are highly trained and competent.
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