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"Every household who is employing household help must know the basics of the Kasambahay Law & its IRR. It's for everybody's guidelines & protection."

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After finish of contract and the employee (maid, yaya or cook) as well as the employer decided and agreed to extend the employment duration, they can do so by absorbing directly the employee (maid, yaya or cook) but our agency’s contract between the employee & the employer will automatically terminated and our Agency will no longer be involve on the extended employment.
If the employee abscond or abandons the job without justifiable cause, the employee is liable to pay the fees incurred by the employer on the deployment expenses. Our Agency will provide a replacement within a maximum of 1 month period to cover for the remaining contract duration. The Employer shall be entitled to a refund of 75% of the Agency Fee if the Agency failed to provide a replacement after a month period.
The employer shall pay the expenses that are used for the transfer of the Employee from Agency Office to the place of work should the Employer wants the Agency staff to deliver the Employee to the place of work. The Employer can also fetch the Employee to the Agency Office if the Employer wishes so.
Our Agency shall pay for the cost free of charge for the Employee.
At least 3 adequate meals a day, taking into consideration the kasambahay’s religious beliefs and cultural practices. Humane sleeping condition and appropriate rest.
The employer, if the wage of the kasambahay is less than P 5,000.00. If the wage of the kasambahay is P 5,000 or more, the kasambahay will pay her share in the premiums/contributions.
Yes. But during her free time or an emergency, she must be allowed to use it.
Only if she has been allowed to explain and it turned out that she’s clearly responsible for it. Even then, deductions from her wages due to the damages/ losses may not exceed 20% of her monthly wages. The total cost charged to her wages may not be more than the actual damages/ losses.
Yes. If both of you consent to it.
(Monthly wages times 12 divided by 365)
Yes. If both of you consent to it. But the accumulated rest days may not be more than 5 days.
Yes. But adjust her wages to conform to the applicable minimum wage. Working in your business is not a household work.
Her unpaid wages must be paid. She is also entitled to an indemnity of 15 days’ worth of wages.