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"We provide & supply affordable, certified, trustworthy, healthy & hard working Maids 

to provide you ease, comfort, peaceful & clean Home."




We connect the distant relationships between the Maids & Employers by attaining & satisfying both expectations & aim for them to treat each other as family which care & love prevail. This starts at our Maid Agency by constant training with our Maid applicants and we don't just simply teach & train them, we actually live with them (at our Agency Maids' quarters) to know them well, their traits, values & their work capacity in order for us to give our clients the right Maids they need.

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Hiring somebody to work for you maybe easy. But not when you're looking for a maid or a household help. Finding a housemaid can be stressful, time-consuming and burdensome because it requires your patience, your precious time, energy, and most importantly, trust. Spare yourself the agony and focus mainly on your priorities & leave that Maid - Yaya Household works to us. Our maid agency is dedicated in providing the right & perfect Maids for you.

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We are DOLE accredited & licensed Philippines Maid & Yaya Agency which provide & supply Maids all over Metro Manila and entire Philippines. The Maids we supply are Certified - well-trained & experienced, having Medical & NBI clearance certificates. Our maids are trustworthy - we conduct extensive background investigation & know them personally well. We have hard working & competent Maids - we don't supply our Maids without passing our comprehensive training both lecture & actual training. Hiring Maids from our Agency is affordable & reasonable as we provide high quality services of more than what our Clients & Employers are paying for. Hire your maids to the Trusted & Reliable Maid Agency or Yaya Agency in the Philippines.

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We give superb quality works & services of more than what our Clients are paying for. Our Maids Quality of Work, your wide variety choices of Maids, Ease on hiring your Maids, getting a certified Healthy Maids and your Security, are most of the benefits from our agency that are considered "PRICELESS". On our agency, we do our very best to attain what you need. We make sure that you will receive all the benefits we can offer and surely You will consider our Agency fee as an Affordable Price. On our agency, our policy is we don't get or collect any fee from our Maid applicants. They will apply on our Agency without paying a single cent. Once hired, we give them free accommodation and free meals while waiting for deployment. We give them free training and we are the one paying all their government requirements. So we can proudly say that our Agency Fee to our clients is a Reasonable &  Affordable Price.

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Making a decision to live with a complete stranger is somewhat a crazy thing to do. But on our agency office (as well as Maids' quarters) we find it joyful and helpful living with a bunch of maids because we are able to know them personally well, interact with them, closely monitoring their household works & know exactly their traits and values towards other maids and to us. This activity is one of our many hiring steps before we supply the Maids to our Clients. These actions show how we love our job and how we are dedicated to give you superb quality services by providing you the Right Maid you Need.

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In this room, we don’t do EASY 

           We make easy happen through

                                                    HARDWORK & LEARNING


For Faster Transaction, CALL us NOW @:


(02) 212-9459

SMART: 0939-5775208

GLOBE: 0915-4490088


You can also Hire Maids & Yayas Online. Just simply give us your maid's qualifications & preferences & we'll provide your needs.


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 *We are domestic helper agency which also provides cooks, nannies, caregivers, babysitter, drivers, yaya for hire, all around maids, domestic helpers & any other kasambahays' variety works - jobs. And we can send
them directly to your home all over Metro Manila and entire Philippines.*



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